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    It mainly produces fine chemical products such as iminodiacetic acid,

    iminodiacetic acid, two sodium salt, glycine, potassium bromide,

    ammonium bromide, polyaluminum chloride and other two main products.

    Nantong Guangrong Chemical Co., Ltd.

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    Nantong Guangrong Chemical Co., Ltd. has advanced production equipment, mature and stable technology, complete product testing equipment, strict management and excellent products.

    The Oolong incident still gives the market hope to restart SMP resistance.

    The expectation of the ECB's reopening of the securities market plan (SMP) is a twists and fall: Central Bank President Delaki made an impassioned commitment - a press conference after the conference called "just in consideration" - "on the ground" for several weeks - reporting that the central bank is buying bonds to set interest rates - the central bank The speaker denies that...

    Although the SMP report on Monday (August 20th) was finally proved to be an Oolong incident, it still had a slight boost to the market as a whole. In any case, the revival of the storm is more acceptable than that of being silent.