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    Jiasheng group: how is the Australian dollar after the market?

    The Australian dollar was hit by a wave of sell-off late last week, and the Australian dollar / US dollar fell to 1.0500, and then fell further to a 1.0406 line low. A report from the 7906 factor in boosting the Australian Treasury officials stressed the concern? The high Australian dollar. But the report did not effectively tell the market some unknown news, so the dollar declines may be excessive.

    But before we look at the fundamentals of the Australian dollar fell, the report of the Ministry of finance must check. First, the report says that the Australian dollar has moved towards the Treasury's view that it is just (for example, that the Australian dollar is not overestimated or undervalued), which eliminates the need for intervention. But the finance ministry added that if the RBA to depreciation of Australian dollars, are optional options. Specifically, the Fed can use monetary policy to affect the dollar value. For the tracking of fluctuations in the Australian dollar each person, this is obviously not the latest news.